Event Recap – Intro to Mensa’s Gifted Youth Program

A huge thank you to everyone who attended the May 19th Intro to Mensa’s Region 8 Gifted Youth Program event on Zoom. Out of 29 who registered, 18 attended.  There was a lot of interest in having a quarterly get-together and I’ll touch base with you again on the next date.

Gifted Youth December 2023 Newsletter

I’m excited to share that I have a website for all of you to refer to: https://region8gyc.com/  There you can see the past newsletters (like this one!), upcoming events, and program updates. 

Gifted Youth Corner – July

One of the most common questions I receive from Gifted Youth parents is if they can host events in their local group for their gifted child to meet other young Mensans in their area.  The short answer is “No, but…”.

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