Membership in Mensa is open to anyone who has achieved a score within the top two percent of the general population on an approved intelligence test. More than five million Americans are eligible for membership.  Mensa has had members as young as three and as old as 102.  

You may qualify for Mensa membership by taking the Mensa Admissions Test administered by a volunteer proctor, a test at a private testing center, or by providing evidence of an approved IQ test administered by a psychologist, educational institution, or other qualified organization.

The Mensa Admissions Test

The Mensa Admissions Test consists of two timed IQ tests, one short, the other longer, based on proprietary versions of the Wonderlic and Reynolds Adaptable Intelligence Test (RAIT). The testing session takes from 90 minutes to two hours, including registration time, costs $60, and may only be taken once. You must be over 14 and persons under 18 must have a signed permission of their parent or guardian.

Take a Test Locally

San Francisco Regional Mensa offers supervised tests in the Bay Area. Advanced registration is required.   To register for a scheduled testing session, send email to our Testing Coordinator and provide your name, address, phone number, and the test location and date in which you are interested.

You may purchase a pre-payment voucher for testing at the American Mensa website.  (Click on “Take the Mensa Admissions Test.”)  Vouchers may be used at any testing session.  Purchasing a voucher does not register you for a specific testing session.  We also accept checks and credit cards.

Please bring a photo ID with you and the parental permission statement if appropriate.  All necessary supplies will be provided.  No other materials are permitted.

Tests are scored at the American Mensa National Office.  You will receive an email indicating whether you qualify for Mensa membership within three weeks.  Neither your proctor nor the Testing Coordinator will have this information.  American Mensa is not permitted to release the scores on the tests, whether raw values or IQ scores.

You can add yourself to our mailing list to be notified about future testing sessions.  Go to the American Mensa website and click on “Test With Local Group”.

COVID-19 Precautions

Each person attending a testing session must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19.  Masks will be worn by all participants as well as the testing proctor throughout the entire testing session.  Hand sanitizer will be available.

Private Testing

You may take a test at a private testing center at a number of locations around the United States.  The cost is $99.  Details can be found on the American Mensa website.

Special Testing Requirements

The American Mensa proctored test program is designed to address the needs of the majority of applicants.  A proctored test may not be suitable for all persons, and we are not able to modify the testing procedures.  It may not be suitable for people who are blind, have severe hearing impairment, require an assistant or special physical support, require an untimed test, or do not have adequate command of English to understand the instructions.  As mentioned above, children under the age of 14 cannot be tested.  We recommend that you contact a private psychologist or educational institution to arrange for personalized testing.

Prior Test Evidence

American Mensa accepts a number of standardized tests as evidence that you qualify for membership.  A partial list can be found here: qualifying scores.  In many cases, older college admissions tests (such as the GRE, SAT, ACT, LSAT, or GMAT) or military enlistment tests (AFQT, GCT, or GT) may be submitted.  Recent scores on these tests are no longer accepted. The fee for verifying prior evidence is $60.


If you have additional questions, please contact the Testing Coordinator.


Expect a confirmation email to insure your spot, as space is limited.

Thursday, February 22, 6:30pm, Palo Alto

Thursday, March 21, 6:30pm, Palo Alto

View all current test dates and locations purchase a testing voucher here.

You must register for a test by sending email to Testing Coordinator at



UU Church of Palo Alto
505 East Charleston Road
Palo Alto, CA 94306

University of San Jose
1631 N. 1st St.,
San Jose, CA 95112



The online Mensa Practice Test is a fun way to discover if you are Mensa material.

While this 30-minute test will not qualify you for membership, it does offer an equivalent score that correlates to your IQ range and provides a strong indication of your likelihood for success should you choose to take our admission test.


For More Information

See “Join Mensa” on the American Mensa website.

Questions About Membership?

Email SFRM’s Membership Chair

Questions About Testing?

Email SFRM’s Testing Coordinator

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