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SFRM Gifted Youth

San Francisco Regional Mensa has nearly 200 gifted youth in our region which spans from San Rafael to Santa Cruz – that’s approximately 10% of SFRM’s membership! Our goal is to create opportunities for SFRM’s gifted youth and their parents to connect with one another.

Learn more about the Gifted Youth Program at a regional level here:

If you have ideas or questions, please contact the Gifted Youth Coordinator at

Gifted Youth Program Volunteers

The following volunteers have been background checked and approved by American Mensa and the Gifted Youth Committee. Learn more about gifted youth program volunteers here.


Lana Lee

I’m a typical Mensan: all over the map. 15 years as a civil engineer but an oboe degree from U.S.C., having played at the Hollywood Bowl and a background in internet development.  I work as a community manager for a Silicon Valley tech company and also make websites on the side primarily for musicians. I love performing music, playing board games, and talking about Harry Potter – in fact, I run Special Interest Groups (SIGs) for all of those interests – and hanging out with my dog, Lola.

Currently, I’m San Francisco Regional Mensa‘s (SFRM) webmaster and GenX Coordinator and have also served on their Executive Committee as a member-at-large. I’ve also led a number of leadership development workshops for Mensa’s marketing committee and am also Region 8’s Young Adult Mensans coordinator and regional assistant.

​​I recently served on the board of the Gifted Homeschoolers Forum and am actively involved as in the Mensa Foundation’s strategic planning committee. As your gifted youth coordinator, I look forward to hosting virtual events that are unique and exciting as well as creating a supportive community for our gifted youth.

Contact me at 


Maria Gomez

Hi! My name is Maria, and as a 30 year veteran in Mensa, I am excited to help out as a volunteer and assist with Region 8’s Gifted Youth. I have my BA in Film Production from SFSU and a master’s in Gifted Education from the University of Connecticut. Although I grew up on the San Francisco peninsula, I’ve spent most of my adult life living as an expat while teaching elementary and middle school in international schools around the world. I’ve lived in Ecuador, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and Japan!

I love traveling, photography, movies, maps, trivia, and all kinds of fandoms. My favorites are Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, The Beatles, Monty Python, and musical theater. I also love reading mysteries, dystopian novels, and biographies. Acting and directing plays used to take up a lot of my time, but nowadays I have quieted down a little and started to learn how to quilt!

I am looking forward to meeting you and having fun at our upcoming events!



Jen Storm-Alves

Jen Storm-Alves is San Francisco Mensa’s Local Secretary (President).


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