Most of us joined Mensa to meet like-minded people who think like we do.  But how are we to meet others if nearly all events are canceled?  That’s where our Meetup group comes in!

Meetup is a platform where people can host events. Normally they encourage real-life events, but given that we’re all sheltering in place, they now allow us to have online events.  Anyone can host a Meetup event and it’s a great way to meet other Mensans around the Bay Area.

One might argue that virtual events aren’t as fun as events held in-person, but on the contrary, it actually gives you more access to members around the San Francisco Bay Area. In one online event, you might have members from Santa Cruz and Marin counties together having deep conversations.

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In the SFRM Meetup group, we have a number of newly regularly scheduled events such as Socrates Café where you can wear your critical thinking hat and our informal Weekly Check-in hosted by SFRM’s locsec Michael Eager where you can (re)connect with other members and learn more about SFRM. We also have impromptu events like a virtual book club, trivia, virtual happy hours and coffee chats.

The group boasts 500+ members – that’s hundreds of SFRM members that you’ve yet to meet! So what are you waiting for?  Join our Meetup group today!

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