Announcing Our Sunday Keynote Speaker Dan Schnur

Dan Schnur is a Professor at the University of California – Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies and currently hosts a weekly webinar for the LA World Affairs Council Town Hall.

2021 SFRM RG Keynote Speaker Paul Saffo

Paul Saffo is a Silicon Valley-based forecaster who helps corporate and governmental clients understand and respond to the dynamics of large-scale, long-term change.

B’stilla Recipe from September’s Intelligencer

September 2019’s Intelligencer’s theme was “Food and Wine” where our editor Betty L. Hass included some of our own Mensans who have written a cookbook or make their own wine out of local fruit.

Young Mensans in the News: Arin Parsa

Arin Parsa is a Young Mensan, sixth grader from San Jose, with a fiery curiosity, voracious appetite for knowledge, and uncanny recall.