The San Francisco Regional Mensa (“SFRM”) Bylaws call for the election of officers in even-numbered years.  The Bylaws mandate the appointment by the Local Secretary of a three-member Elections Committee (“EC”), which shall in turn publish rules and procedures and enforce the provisions of the Bylaws as they relate to the election of officers.

Below are the materials for the 2018 SFRM Election.

  1. SFRM Procedures and Rules for the 2018 Officer Elections
  2. Candidate Statements (2018)
  3. Election Committee Ballot (2018)

Please Note: Members may print and mail the ballot, but email submissions are not permitted.

The deadline for receipt of ballots is October 31.  Any ballot received after the close of business October 31 shall be invalid.

From the Election Committee Ballot (2018):

SFRM 2018 Ballot Rules

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