Happy holidays!

I’m excited to share that I have a website for all of you to refer to: https://region8gyc.com/  There you can see the past newsletters (like this one!), upcoming events, and program updates. 

Some website highlights for Gifted Youth:

Website highlights for GY Parents/Guardians:

  • Parents Corner – Guidelines for the GY program (GYP), events, and virtual events as well as FAQs
  • Adult Volunteer GYP opportunities and requirements
  • Starting in January 2024, all parents/guardians will need to consent to their child(ren)’s participation in virtual events. More information here
  • Coming in 2024: Parents-focused event for younger GY and middle-to-high school GY

If you missed our November session on The Secrets of Making and Keeping Good Friends, check out the recap here which includes an article and video from Dr. Marty Nemko.

Stay tuned for more opportunities in 2024. Until then, have a safe and productive holiday season!

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