Paul Saffo

How the Mythic Origins of Silicon Valley can save the Bay Area’s Future



If You’ve Long Been Unwanted – Marty Nemko

The Quillen Trilogy – Jacquie Gentry

How To Do Your Own Satellite Mission – Adrian Tymes

Celestial Navigation – How it works – Bruce Rowe

A Taste of Ballroom: Rocking my World – Martin J. Gros

Ask Not What AI Ethicists Can Do for You – Masheika E. Allgood

Hunting for ET – Seth Shostak

Findings from the 90+ Study – Dr. Elna Tymes

Quantum Blockchains – Dr. Melanie Swan

History of Chocolate (and tasting) – Michael Eager

Current Hot Topics in Bioethics – Rita Charles

Art Tunes (art show with live music) –  Betty Hass, host

Astronomical Distances and Sizes in the Universe – Edmund Pieret

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