Our November virtual event with Dr. Marty Nemko, Secrets to Making and Keeping Good Friends, was a hit where we had 15 of 37 registrants attending the session where we talked a lot about our challenges with friendship and shared ideas on how to better connect with people we want to become our friends.

At registration, we asked “What’s the hardest part about making or keeping friends?” and we received a lot of great responses that I shared with Dr. Nemko before the session. To prepare for the session so that it was tailored to the gifted youth, he wrote this article where he addressed each responses including:

  • How do you find time for friends?
  • How do you find smart, mature kids?
  • How should you make the first move?
  • What are good topics to talk about with a potential friend?
  • How do you get them to not judge you before they know your interests?
  • How do you determine whether someone wants to become your friend?
  • How do you deal with friends who feel competitive with you?
  • How do you make friends with someone who already has a best friend?
  • How do you keep a friend when you don’t have common interests?
  • How do you set expectations?
  • A friend left me and I don’t know why
  • What’s the key to making and keeping good friends?

Watch Dr. Nemko Read the Article Aloud

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