News and views for gifted youth and their parents in Region 8 +

We had a great session with Molly Bundschuh, American Mensa’s Gifted Youth Program Manager about the Mensa Honor Society in August and I’ll be sharing the video with everyone as soon as it becomes available.  In the meantime, check out the program here:

Coming Soon: Gifted Youth (GY) Volunteer Opportunities

To help GY collect the necessary volunteer hours for the MHS and any other scholarships, I’m creating a program where the GY can help me out as the Gifted Youth Coordinator which include emceeing virtual events, writing blog posts, etc. If you’re interested in any of that, please let me know.  

More to come. Until then, hope you’re having a great start to the school year!

+ Columbia River Mensa, Eastern Washington/Northern Idaho/Montana, Mensa Alaska, Redwood Empire Mensa, Sacramento Regional Mensa, San Francisco Regional Mensa, and Southern Idaho Mensa…over 200 gifted youth!

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