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Upcoming Event: Sunday June 4th at 2pm – Online Gaming

Playing games can lower barriers to make new friends so let’s play some games online!  We’ll start with Gartic Phone where it’s sort of like Telephone Pictionary and then, based on the number of people, we can play Spyfall or Fishbowl.

We’ll also have brief introductions to Boardgame Arena, Roblox, and Chesskids where we can play games with one another in between our Meetups.  If you’re active on any of those sites and would like to join me on the demonstration, let me know!

Region 8 GY Gaming Club

Let’s keep the games going between our quarterly events! I’ll be making groups for us on the kid-safe platforms like, and so if you have a username and would like to be added, please contact me.  We’ll have tournaments, play Roblox games together and hang out.

Coming Soon

  • Activities to Make New Friends: Virtual volunteering event for all ages, trivia contest
  • Demonstrations: mobile app development
  • Speakers: video game designer, philosopher, NASA simulation engineer, robotics experts, film composers, etc.

Annnnnnd if you’re interested in presenting or giving a demonstration (I know many of you have amazing interests and talents), let’s chat about it!

+ Columbia River Mensa, Eastern Washington/Northern Idaho/Montana, Mensa Alaska, Redwood Empire Mensa, Sacramento Regional Mensa, San Francisco Regional Mensa, and Southern Idaho Mensa…over 200 gifted youth!

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