In their newest book, Geri Spieler and Rick Kaplowitz delve, from both liberal and conservative perspectives, into the complex and sometimes contradictory values that define the United States.

Just at this time when examinations of our country’s values are explosively center stage, Geri Spieler and Rick Kaplowitz’s new book, San Francisco Values: Common Ground for Getting America Back on Track takes both a historical and contemporary look at both American and San Francisco Bay Area values.

In a wide-ranging presentation that includes racism in America, health care, our troops, and immigration, the tensions between personal achievement and humanitarianism, equality and diversity, and religious faith and individual freedom are examined, from both liberal and conservative perspectives. Factors that contribute to the Bay Area’s emergence to lead the nation and the world, both technically and socially, are explored.

Geri is an investigative journalist and research specialist whose presentations before both our regional and the national Mensa meetings have been very well received. Rick, who served as our chapter ombudsman for 8 years, has served as a vice president in both academia and technology.

Event Chat

14:34:11 From JC Jackson Consulting : I believe NYC and Miami and other East Coast cities have also gone through periods with government by recent immigrants?
14:38:28 From Jim Puls : Would you care to comment on growing income inequality in San Francisco?
14:42:59 From Jacquie Gentry : What was your process for getting your book published?
14:45:24 From JC Jackson Consulting : SF, and some of the rest of the Bay Area, have grown themselves some national resentment over a few policies, one being rejecting a full military presence, and broadcasting a relatively large and shrill Soviet sympathy, and allowing an extensive “revenge style” reverse racism; and in short we have a bad national rep. I wonder how we are likely going to reverse this bad rep?
15:03:37 From Smith : Thank you

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