It’s officially SUMMER BREAK and I hope it’s jam-packed with fun activities. 🙂   If it’s not or if you need more things to do, here are some suggestions:

  • 40+ Educational Games – educational games in every subject and every grade.
  • Mensa for Kids’ Excellence in Reading – read all of the books on the list and get a free T-Shirt
  • Book Parade – Young Mensan Book Parade matches Young Mensan readers with books from publishers such as Random House, Candlewick, Shadow Mountain, MacMillan, Scholastic, Disney Hyperion, Simon & Schuster, and many more.

July Zoom Event

Living A More Satisfied Life | Friday, July 14th at 7pm PT

Get ready for a fascinating one-hour session called “Living A More Satisfied Life”!  We’re going to unlock the secrets of why using your creative brain is a total game-changer. Imagine diving deep into the awesome differences between the “logical” and “creative” sides of your brain. We’ll explore how this can boost your physical and mental health, discover the long-term perks, and learn some cool tricks you can start using right now to supercharge your creativity and crank up your happiness levels! Don’t miss out on this exciting journey to a more satisfying life!

Speaker: Danni Shinya Luo from SFRM!

About Danni:

Over 12 years of experience in entertainment art, and 2+ years of experience in the Web3 space specializing in crypto art and tooling. With a traditional art background and excellent communication skills, I bridge the digital and analog art worlds. My previous role as an Art Production Lead and Creator Relations Specialist enabled me to launch multiple successful creative projects. My other experiences in behavioral therapy, fitness, and wellness have given me a well-rounded skill set, allowing me to navigate positively and help others through the myriad of experiences in life!

Email me for the registration link

June-July SFRM Family-Friendly Events

I’ll be sharing family-friendly events from our group’s calendar when I see them. Please note that these aren’t official gifted youth program events as others are hosting and it’s open to all members, but these events are great ways for GY to meetup.  I plan on attending the picnics unless something comes up; you’ll see me in the RSVPs!

IMPORTANT: For some events, event hosts have requested that you RSVP via Meetup.  GY parents and guardians may join SFRM’s Meetup group with your GY’s membership number as the platform requires members to be 18+ to join:

Please let me know if you have any problems joining the Meetup group or RSVPing for any of the events.

June 22, Saturday at 11:30am – East Bay 4th Saturday Picnic (Berkeley)

This is the first of many 4th Saturday events in the East Bay. Each one will be different, and some will be in the evening. For this first one, let’s picnic in the park and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow Mensans in Berkeley’s Tilden Park. BYO picnic. After lunch we may take a stroll to the Botanical Gardens. 

July 21, Sunday at 12pm – Backyard BBQ (Palo Alto)
Join RVC Michael Eager and Scribe Susan Heimlich for a traditional backyard barbecue. Bring something to grill and something to share. Family welcome.

July 27, Saturday at 11:30am – SFRM Summer picnic (Cupertino)
Come join us for our annual Summer picnic on July 27th at Linda Vista Park in Cupertino. The park has a nice playground and large lawn for our use.  At this family friendly (and dog friendly) event, people can relax over hamburgers/hot dogs and snacks while enjoying the great weather in a socially distanced setting.

This event is sponsored by SFRM so it is free for members, their guests and their kids. Please note that RSVP is required for this event as I need to know guest count for planning purposes.

SFRM’s Regional Gathering (Conference)

Every year, SFRM hosts a conference called a “regional gathering” (RG) the weekend before Thanksgiving. This year it’s being held in San Rafael on November 22-24 and I plan on having Gifted Youth programming where kids and their grown-ups can meet each other, hang out, and have fun!

Questions for GY:

  • What type of events do you find fun and think I should plan?
  • Have you done anything super cool and would like to give a presentation about it?

Questions for the Grown-Ups:

  • I’m thinking about having an unconference where there’ll be bonding opportunities for the adults while the kids are busy with their activities. What extent would you be interested in volunteering? There’s no budget – purely volunteer. If that’s something you’re interested in, please let me know.
  • Have you done anything amazing that you’d like to speak or host an activity at the RG?

Parents of SFRM Gifted Youth Ms Facebook Group

Join our Facebook group:   I’ll also begin hosting monthly Zoom events exclusively for the Facebook group members to chat with one another and share resources and experiences.  Please include your GY’s membership number upon joining.

Hope to see you at one of the summer events!

Lana Lee
SFRM Gifted Youth Coordinator

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