I’d like to start by welcoming Kelly Park to the SFRM Executive Committee as Member-at-Large.  Kelly will be focusing on publicity both within the group and outside.  Thanks for volunteering, Kelly!

We need volunteers in a number of areas: proctors, local area event coordinators, and people to help with social media or the regional gathering.  If you would like to help, please drop me an email.  

We have a small problem.  Not a bad problem, a good problem.  For years, we have budgeted our regional gatherings to break even or even lose a little.  Each year, we make money.  Last year’s RG generated over $3000 in profits.  Oh, I could make excuses for our mismanagement, but I won’t.  We are looking at activities which would be interesting to our members which SFRM would subsidize, like the Bay Cruise last year, or Pizza Lunches the previous year.  We want to find activites which will appeal to more members than the small number of usual suspects.  If you have ideas of what to do with all of this cash burning a hole in our treasurer’s pocket (figuratively speaking, of course, SFRM’s money is all in US dollars in the bank, not even in Bitcoin), please let me know.  And yes, someone already suggested sending your LocSec on a long cruise, but he doesn’t like water that much.  

I’ve been meaning to ask:  Do you have opinions?  You know, opinions on anything at all?  Politics?  Science?  Sex?  Drugs?  Rock-and-roll?  My guess is that you do.  Would you be willing to share them with your fellow Mensans?  If so, we’d be happy to publish your article in the Intelligencer. Just send them to the editor.  

We are expanding our Monthly Gathering programs and we hope you can join us.  This month, Program Chair Stephanie Thornton has organized a escape room experience at Xcapade in Hayward.  Not only will this be a great time with fellow Mensans, with SFRM sponsorship the price is significantly reduced.  Please sign up early to reserve your space.


In the next few weeks, if you are not on a multi-year membership plan, you should receive a renewal notice.  Please renew promptly.  You can do this by mail or online at us.mensa.org.  

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