SFRM’s Webmaster, Member at Large, and Publicity Chair

What was the moment when you decided to become a Mensa member?
I remember sitting on my couch with my friend Karen commiserating about how bored we were. Karen suddenly said “We should join Mensa!”. I just laughed thinking that the group was beyond my reach. But one day, I decided to look at the American Mensa website…and the rest is history! I’m still trying to convince Karen to join.

What is something we don’t know about you that you’d like to share?
When I was in grade school, one of my hobbies was collecting autographs. I’d save my allowance to buy authenticated signed photographs of celebrities; my favorites are those from Bob Hope and Jimmy Stewart.

What’s your favorite moment as a Mensan (or what is your favorite Mensa event)?
I like going to Mensa events because I never feel like I have to downplay my accomplishments or intelligence. It’s nice having conversations with people who “get it” the first time without my having to explain things in-depth.

What’s your worst moment as a Mensan?
By nature, I’m a shy introverted extrovert, and I remember attending my first AG in Portland (2011) hardly knowing anyone or even knowing what to expect. Everyone seemed to know other people and there were a lot of pre-established groups. That experience motivated me to form the SFRM GenX SIG, of which I’m the co-coordinator, and be mindful of first-time attendees.

What’s the one suggestion you’d like to make to make Mensa better?
We need more SIGs for people to connect with each other as well as more open dialogue from new and veteran members on how we can make our local chapter active and vibrant. If you’re interested in helping me make this happen, send me a message!

Where to find me
You’ll find me in the SFRM Meetup group where I’ll be hosting impromptu events. Hope to meet you soon!

Not yet a member?  Learn how to join Mensa.

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