What was the moment when you decided to become a Mensa member?

It was all rather spontaneous. I went to sit for the test, hoping to get my IQ score. As soon as I handed over my check and filled out the registration form, the proctor announced that Mensa no longer issued IQ scores. I was too embarrassed to ask for my check back and walk out, so I stayed and took the test anyway. Weeks later, when I got my invitation in the mail, I thought why not?” and I decided to sign up. I have been a member for over a decade now.

What is something we don’t know about you that you’d like to share?

When I get bored, I like to write backwards. Many of my teachers in high school said they had to read my essays using the bathroom mirror.

What’s your favorite moment as a Mensan (or what is your favorite Mensa event)?

At my first AG, I ended up up chatting the night away in the GenX room with Mensans from all over the globe. We had this fascinating discussion that spanned dark matter, philosophy, skiing, opera, Porsches, and Scandinavian heavy metal drummers. It’s great having such eclectic discussions with others who can not only keep up, but also broaden our horizons.

What’s your worst moment as a Mensan?

Showing up to proctor a test at a library on a beautiful Saturday afternoon and everyone but two people canceled. It made me very bummed I couldn’t be spending those hours hiking instead.

What’s the one suggestion you’d like to make to make Mensa better?

Mensa is a volunteer-based organization. Get involved and volunteer in an area near and dear to your heart. You’ll meet fun people and create a richer experience for yourself and others.

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