Thanks to everyone who filled out the questionnaire! It’s great to see everyone have so many interests and it gave me some ideas for future events. 

Just for fun, here are the latest results out of 19 respondents:

  • 80% are interested activities where they can make friends
  • 63% are interested in demonstrations
  • 53% are interested in speakers

At our February 26th event this past Sunday, we shared some of our favorite websites and interests.  We found out that everyone on the Zoom call loves doing homework, likes trivia, and playing chess.   We had a great time and I’m looking forward to our next event in May.

Until then, I’ll share events from other regions and will also create some groups for us on and perhaps a couple of others like Boardgame Arena or Roblox so you can meet others like you. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, let me know so that I know I won’t be there by myself! 🙂 

National YM News

Here are some highlights from the latest News and Notes for YM Families Vol. 1 Issue 1: 

Upcoming March Events in Other Regions

  • 3/12: North Texas Mensa Gifted Youth Book Club (12:30pm CDT) – Pride and Prejudice
  • 3/29: Minnesota Mensa GY “Ask an Expert” session with Duke Lemur Center (4pm CDT) – Limited seats, $5/screen

Get Involved with Young Mensan Magazine (YM2) 

Writers wanted for YM2 if you have

  • Fascinating interests, skills, or unique experiences
  • Opinions or ideas on technology
  • Pets! Submit photos of your furry…or non-furry friends.

Hope everyone has a great March and we’ll chat again soon.

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