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Note to Readers

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, most March events have been cancelled, and are so noted below. The remaining events are virtual or employ effective social distancing. Please continue to check here for updates as well as join our Meetup group where we have several impromptu virtual events happening.


None at this time.

End of February

12n Cafe Discussion: I am who I think you think I am. See March 7. (RSE Su)

Channing Club is cancelled for February. PC (RSE 4 Su)

March 1-7

March 1 – Monday

7:30p Monterey County Mensa Monthly Meeting. In 2021, MCM will hold a monthly Zoom meeting on the first Monday of the month. This will be a standing event, and we send out the link to our members the night before. We will plan presentations, speakers, and games nights via this online platform, so watch your e-mail for regular updates. If you wish to participate send e-mail to MCM LocSec Heidi Van der Veer at LocSec/a/t/ PC (RSE 1 M)

2 – Tuesday

Tuesday Tipplers (as an in-person event) is cancelled for March, but watch the sources mentioned above in Note to Readers for Zoom Tipplers. PC (RSE 1 Tu)

3 – Wednesday

Math Lovers’ Lunch is cancelled for March. PC (RSE 1 W)

7p What the Future Looks Like Book Discussion: One chapter a week. This week we’re reading chapter 9, by Alan Woodward, Cybersecurity. We’re reading What the Future Looks Like: Scientists Predict the Next Great Discoveries – and Reveal How Today’s Breakthroughs Are Already Shaping Our World by Jim Al-Khalili (Editor). Instead of discussing the whole book in one sitting, we discuss the subject matter in more depth one chapter at a time. The chapters are so different that it is no problem if you are only joining this week. This is a Zoom event. The login details are listed on Meetup. Hosted by Pia Smith. PC (RSE W)

5 – Friday

Movies That Matter is cancelled for March. PC (RSE 1,3 F)

6 – Saturday

Start the Month Right is cancelled for March. PC (RSE 1 Sa)

7 – Sunday

12n Cafe Discussion: The relationship between fear, hate, and love. In case you were wondering, the cafe discussions have so far been lively, interesting, and you always come away with something to think about in the week to come. Drop in and stay for as long as you like. This is a Zoom event. The login details are listed on Meetup. Hosted by Pia Smith. PC (RSE Su)

2p Speaker Meeting: “If Ignorance Is Bliss We Should All Be Ecstatic”. Fred Leavitt (Ph.D., University of Michigan) explores the limitations of knowledge and argues that neither reasoning nor direct observation can be trusted. Not only are they unreliable sources, they do not even justify assigning probabilities to claims about what we can know. This position, called radical skepticism, has intrigued philosophers since before the birth of Christ, yet nobody has been able to refute it. Dr. Leavitt supports abstract arguments with summaries of real-life examples from many and varied fields, which make the arguments much more convincing and compelling. Whether answering the telephone, turning on the TV, talking with friends, or munching on an apple, we expect things to happen predictably. These expectations, paired with radical skepticism, exemplify cognitive dissonance at the highest level. This is a Zoom meeting; see Meetup for login details and for more of Dr. Fred Leavitt’s background. PC

4p Albany Hill Hike. (NOTE: This event is on, since the trail is still open as of this posting and is amenable to social distancing. Contact Roberta as below just before the event to make sure that that is still the case.) Join us for a one-hour scenic and historic hike up and around Albany Hill. The trail is steep in spots, but the views are expansive. Special bonus: We have scheduled the Sather Tower Solar Beacon to shine directly upon us as we arrive at the top of the hill. Meet under Pacific East Mall Jumbotron just behind the bus stop on the east side of Pierce St. between Central Ave. in El Cerrito and Washington Ave. in Albany. Free parking is available in the mall lot, which is seven tenths of a mile from the El Cerrito Plaza BART station. Please contact Roberta Maguire to make sure she is in town at robertamaguire/a/t/ or (510) 292-6370. PC, ACW, NMPCW, NS, WCI, NXM (RSE 1 Su)

March 8-14

8 – Monday

Monday Munchers is cancelled for March. PC (RSE 2 M)

San Francisco Pub Get-Together is cancelled for March. PC (RSE 2 M)

9 – Tuesday

6:45p Puzzled Pint. (NOTE: If shelter in place is still in effect, this will instead be a virtual event on Zoom. Contact Karl as below for instructions on how to connect.) Who likes PUZZLES? The kind where part of the game is to figure out what you need to be doing in the first place? Want to do it as part of a team, so you can bounce ideas off each other, and let someone else do the parts that you find uninteresting? This is a monthly event held in the Bay Area (and simultaneously elsewhere in the world), at a convenient pub where we might order food and drink before or during the game. RSVP to Karl Heuer at puzzles/a/t/ or (650) 648-3594 (voice or text) to reserve your spot and learn the address; it’s almost always either Sunnyvale or Mountain View, near Central Expressway. PC, NMPCW, NS, NXM (RSE 2 Tu)

Intelligencer Deadline. Deadline for calendar events, advertising, members’ free ads, and all other content. See above for information on submitting events. PC (RSE Tu after 1 Sa)

10 – Wednesday

7p What the Future Looks Like Book Discussion: One chapter a week. We’re reading chapter 10, by Margaret A. Boden, Artificial intelligence. See March 3. (RSE W)

11 – Thursday

South Bay Lunch is cancelled for March. (RSE 2,4 Th)

6:17p Bay Area Restaurant Group (BARG). A new version of BARG-It-Yourself: Please support one of your local restaurants by ordering take-out or delivery to enjoy in your own home. Tip generously! And for great conversation, consider phoning one of your Mensa friends. PC (RSE 2 Th)

12 – Friday

6:30p M Weisley’s Café. Ever wanted to hang out with all the space pilots at Mos Eisley’s Café (Star Wars 1977)? Unfortunately Tatooine is rather a long commute just for a Happy Hour so we wisely located M Weisley’s in hyperspace where it can easily be accessed instantly by internet video conferencing. No matter where in the universe you are located, you will not experience any light speed delays in your communications. So now you can experience all the ambience of our seedy cantina crowded with numerous alien races in our virtual meet up. All aliens and humans are welcome at M Weisley’s. Mix up your favorite beverage, gather up some munchies and join in our out of this world Happy Hour. To attend as an alien visit Snap Camera and download their software. Choose from hundreds of available avatars which will move and act with your movements in video conference. If you’re creative, you can use their software to create your own avatar. Or of course you could do it the old-fashioned way and actually put on a costume. See Meetup for info on joining the meeting. Hosted by Judy Unger, junger2040/a/t/ PC (RSE 2 F)

GenX Food and Movie Night is cancelled for March. PC (RSE 2 F)

13 – Saturday

4p Big Ideas Reading Group: Infinite Powers by Stephen Strogatz. (NOTE: We are meeting online via Zoom. E-mail host Chris Boyd as below if you might want to be included in the online meeting or to be updated on any changes in venue.) Without calculus, we wouldn’t have cell phones, TV, GPS, or ultrasound. We wouldn’t have unraveled DNA or discovered Neptune or figured out how to put 5,000 songs in your pocket. Though many of us were scared away from this essential, engrossing subject in high school and college, Steven Strogatz’s brilliantly creative, down-to-earth history shows that calculus is not about complexity; it’s about simplicity. It harnesses an unreal number – infinity – to tackle real-world problems, breaking them down into easier ones and then reassembling the answers into solutions that feel miraculous. For April 10 on Zoom: Lifespan by David A. Sinclair, Ph.D. We have a list of books read at For questions and directions please contact Chris Boyd at snoboyd/a/t/ PC, NMPCW, NXM (RSE 2 Sa)

14 – Sunday

12n Cafe Discussion: Consciousness. See March 7. (RSE Su)

2p Monthly Gathering: “Being a Disaster Service Worker During the COVID-19 Pandemic”. Tim Carlisle and Larry McClendon will explain the challenges and opportunities of working on the District 10 Neighborhood Action Plan-Equity Team in Hunter’s Point Bayview during the COVID-19 Pandemic as part of the COVID Command Center. Mensan Tim Carlisle serves as IT Project Director at San Francisco International Airport and has been deployed as a Disaster Service Worker to the Hunter’s Point Bayview neighborhood since August 2020. In addition to his role at SFO, Tim is the President of the Bay Area Chapter of the U.S. Submarine Veterans and the Program Quality Director (#2 position) for District 4 Toastmasters – spanning San Francisco to Los Altos, serving 120 chapters and over 3000 members. Tim has Bachelor’s degrees in Computer Technology and Business Operations Management from Excelsior College, a Master Certificate in IT Project Management from George Washington University, an M.S. in IT Management from Capella University, and recently completed Oxford University’s Executive Leadership Programme. This is a Zoom meeting; see Meetup for login details. PC

March 15-21

15 – Monday

6p Online Board Games. Come explore some board games that can be played on the Web. To prepare, it’s best if you create an account at and walk through the “Can’t Stop” tutorial. We’ll meet online with Zoom to establish voice contact, then we’ll decide on a game to try out. RSVP on the Meetup calendar if possible, otherwise contact Karl Heuer at puzzles/a/t/ or (650) 648-3594. PC, NMPCW, ACW

17 – Wednesday

5p Time to Zoom Green Beer. Join Susan Heimlich on Zoom with your green beer, wine, or tea on hand. A tip of the hat to the Irish. Zoom info will be announced on MensaConnect – save the date. PC

7p What the Future Looks Like Book Discussion: One chapter a week. We’re reading chapter 11, by Winfried K. Hensinger, Quantum computing. See March 3. (RSE W)

21 – Sunday

12n Cafe Discussion: Rut vs. routine vs. tradition. See March 7. (RSE Su)

March 22-31

24 – Wednesday

7p What the Future Looks Like Book Discussion: One chapter a week. We’re reading chapter 12, by Anna Ploszajski, Smart materials. See March 3. (RSE W)

25 – Thursday

South Bay Lunch is cancelled for March. PC (RSE 2,4 Th)

26 – Friday

6:30p Virtual Happy Hour. Mix up your favorite beverage. Bring out some happy-hour munchies and join us for a virtual relaxing time. See Meetup for info on joining the meeting. Hosted by Judy Unger, junger2040/a/t/ PC (RSE 4 F)

27 – Saturday

6p Online Board Games. See March 15.

28 – Sunday

12n Cafe Discussion: Why do people fear losing things that they do not even have yet? See March 7. (RSE Su)

Channing Club is cancelled for March. PC (RSE 4 Su)

31 – Wednesday

7p What the Future Looks Like Book Discussion: One chapter a week. We’re reading chapter 13, by Jeff Hardy, Energy. See March 3. (RSE W)

Brainstormer Trivia Night is cancelled for March. PC (RSE last W)


April 2 – Friday

6p Movies That Matter. PC (RSE 1,3 F)

3 – Saturday

6p Start The Month Right. PC (RSE 1 Sa)

4 – Sunday

4p Albany Hill Hike. See March 7. (RSE 1 Su)

5 – Monday

7p ExComm Meeting. See March 8.

7:30p Monterey County Mensa Monthly Meeting. See March 1. (RSE 1 M)

6 – Tuesday

6p Tuesday Tipplers. PC (RSE 1 Tu)

7 – Wednesday

11:30a Math Lovers’ Lunch. PC (RSE 1 W)

7p What the Future Looks Like Book Discussion: One chapter a week. The future of online AI, quantum computing, and the internet. We’re reading chapter 14, by John Miles, Transportation. See March 3. (RSE W)

8 – Thursday

6:17p Bay Area Restaurant Group (BARG). See March 11. (RSE 2 Th)

9 – Friday

6:30p M Weisley’s Café. See March 12. (RSE 2 F)

10 – Saturday

4p Big Ideas Reading Group. See March 13. (RSE 2 Sa)


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