April 2020 Calendar of Events
Eric Eichorn, Calendar Editor

Codes: ACW all children welcome; BYOB bring your own beverage; CO clothing optional; C/D cat/dog at residence; FE fictitious event; FFE fragrance-free event; FFO finger food only; LCR light carpet rules (no red wine or other staining substances; can also mean no shoes); MO members only; NC no children; NPC, PC no public calendar, public calendar; NMPCW new members, prospects, and candidates welcome; NS, S, S/NS, SO no smoking, smoking, provisions for both, smoking outside; NXM not exclusively Mensa event; RSE regularly scheduled event; WBC well behaved children; WCD, WCE, WCI, WCP wheelchairs difficult, easy, impossible, possible; RSEs are reprinted verbatim unless an update is received by the deadline for the issue in which a change is requested. Note: Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Web Calendar Policy: Our policy is not to list events on the Web calendar unless requested to do so by inclusion of the “PC” (“public calendar”) code. If the PC code is not included, your event will default to NPC (no public calendar) and will not be included in the Web calendar. Home addresses (and directions to same) are not listed on the Web, but city and contact information such as telephone and e-mail are unless requested otherwise.

Meetup: SFRM maintains a MeetUp group for events announced on short notice. See

To List Your Event: Length limit: 120 words. Submit items to the Calendar Editor at Items must be received by the deadline listed in the calendar to guarantee inclusion. Items must include host’s name, date and time, location, and applicable codes (above), and should also include phone (including area code) or e-mail address. Notices are published on a space-available basis subject to the discretion of the Calendar Editor. The policy for inclusion in the calendar is based on the SFRM bylaws.

Note to Readers

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, most April events have been cancelled, and are so noted below. One event so far is being conducted by videoconferencing. Others may be similarly salvaged if their hosts manage to virtualize them. Please continue to check here for updates.


Every Thursday

Mountain View Lunch Bunch is cancelled for April. (RSE Th)

End of March


April 1-7

April 1 – Wednesday

Math Lovers’ Lunch is cancelled for April. (RSE 1 W)

3 – Friday

Movies That Matter is cancelled for April. (RSE 1,3 F)

First Friday in Danville is permanently cancelled.

4 – Saturday

Monthly Gathering is cancelled for April.

Robot Games at SJSU, announced for this date as a Future Flash in the March calendar, have been postponed with no new date set as of press time.

Start The Month Right is cancelled for April. (RSE 1 Sat)

5 – Sunday

4p Albany Hill Hike. (NOTE: This event in on, since the trail is still open as of this posting and is amenable to social distancing. Contact Roberta as below just before the event to make sure that this is still the case.) Join us for a one-hour scenic and historic hike up and around Albany Hill. The trail is steep in spots, but the views are expansive. Special bonus: We have scheduled the Sather Tower Solar Beacon to shine directly upon us as we arrive at the top of the hill. Meet under Pacific East Mall Jumbotron just behind the bus stop on the east side of Pierce St. between Central Ave. in El Cerrito and Washington Ave. in Albany. Free parking is available in the mall lot, which is seven tenths of a mile from the El Cerrito Plaza BART station. Please contact Roberta Maguire to make sure she is in town at robertamaguire/a/t/ or (510) 292-6370. PC, ACW, NMPCW, NS, WCI, NXM (RSE 1 Su)

7 – Tuesday

Tuesday Tipplers is cancelled for April. (RSE 1 Tu)

Palo Alto Dining is cancelled for April.

Intelligencer Deadline. Deadline for calendar events, advertising, members’ free ads, and all other content. See above for information on submitting events. (RSE Tu after 1 Sa)

April 8-14

9 – Thursday

South Bay Lunch is cancelled for April. (RSE 2,4 Th)

6:17p Berkeley-Oakland Restaurant Group (BORG). A new version of BORG-It-Yourself: Please support one of your local restaurants by ordering take-out or delivery to enjoy in your own home. Tip generously! On Sunday 3/29/20 The San Francisco Chronicle published a guide to many restaurants still helping to feed us delicious food. And for great conversation, consider phoning one of your Mensa friends. (RSE 2 W/Th)

10 – Friday

Delta Happy Hour Hunters is cancelled for April. (RSE 2 F)

Mid-Month Mex (MMMex) is cancelled for April. (RSE 2 F)

GenX Food and Movie Night is cancelled for April. (RSE 2 F)

11 – Saturday

4p Big Ideas Reading Group: A Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived by Adam Rutherford and Siddhartha Mukherjee. Geneticists have suddenly become historians, and the hard evidence in our DNA has blown the lid off what we thought we knew. Acclaimed science writer Rutherford explains exactly how genomics is completely rewriting the human story – from 100,000 years ago to the present. We are meeting this month by Zoom session. For instructions on how to participate please contact Chris Boyd at snoboyd/a/t/ For May 9: Skin in the Game: Hidden Asymmetries in Daily Life by Naasim Taleb. BIRG enters its 12th year reading cutting-edge science and technology themes, including AI, robotics, genetics, nanotech, radical life extension, and futurists. We have a list of books read at PC, NMPCW, NXM (RSE 2 Sa)

13 – Monday

Monday Munchers is cancelled for April. (RSE 2 M)

San Francisco Pub Get-Together is cancelled for April. (RSE 2 M)

14 – Tuesday

Puzzled Pint is cancelled for April. (RSE 2 Tu)

April 15-21

17 – Friday

Movies That Matter is cancelled for April. (RSE 1,3 F)

Movie Night in Orinda is cancelled for April. (RSE 3 F)

21 – Tuesday

Trivia Night is cancelled for April.

April 22-30

22 – Wednesday

Brainstormer Trivia Night is cancelled for April. (RSE last W)

23 – Thursday

South Bay Lunch. is cancelled for April. (RSE 2,4 Th)

25 – Saturday

East Bay Game Night is cancelled for April. (RSE last Sa)

26 – Sunday

Channing is cancelled for April. (RSE 4 Su)


May 1 – Friday

6p Movies That Matter. (RSE 1,3 F)

2 – Saturday

6p Start The Month Right. (RSE 1 Sa)

3 – Sunday

4p Albany Hill Hike. See April 5. (RSE 1 Su)

5 – Tuesday

6p Tuesday Tipplers. (RSE 1 Tu)

Intelligencer Deadline. See April 7. (RSE Tu after 1 Sa)

6 – Wednesday

11:30a Math Lovers’ Lunch. (RSE 1 W)

8 – Friday

5p Delta Happy Hour Hunters. (RSE 2 F)

6:30p Mid-Month Mex (MMMex). (RSE 2 F)

7p GenX Food and Movie Night. (RSE 2 F)

9 – Saturday

4p Big Ideas Reading Group. See April 11. (RSE 2 Sa)

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