Frock Coat and Silk Top Hat

I could see and appreciate that these fashions gave the wearers a distinguished, impressive appearance far superior to that afforded by today’s clothes.

Maggie Harris – Clifton Strengths

Maggie’s talk will focus on the difference between
talents and strengths, how to invest in talents to turn them into
strengths, and the benefits to individuals and organizations who take a
strengths-based approach to development and leadership. Lastly, she
will talk about how to identify your talents.


I suffer from wanderlust, not to be confused with a travel bug; travelers tend to go in search of specific destinations whereas we wanderers are simply curious about where the road will take us. I’m not, at least not by my lights, at all reckless, but I am a calculated risk taker looking for something more than safe transport, so naturally my wandering is done on a Harley.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing

I live for adventure. I have not had the life experiences of the author of this quote, Helen Keller, nor have I practiced daredevil stunts like bungee jumping or parachuting out of an airplane. Most of my adventures have been on foot, often over long distances, and sometimes in far­flung corners of the globe.

Once, on a hike with Kashmiri friends in a remote area of the …